Recreational Marijuana Policy in Missoula

Missoula Recreational Marijuana Policy White Paper Outlines Possible Zoning Recommendations Back in November 2020, Montanans voted to legalize the adult use of marijuana. After some hemming and hawing at the state level regarding the regulation of the formerly controlled substance, cities are now forging ahead to shape municipal policy for marijuana use.   On September […]

Three Reasons Retail Landlords Undercharge

Three Reasons Retail Landlords Might Undercharge – And What to Do About It Are retail property owners leaving money on the table? It’s not uncommon to find retail tenants paying below-market rents across Montana, says commercial real estate expert Connor McMahon. And it is not just money lost in rent today – undercharging can have […]

Montana Master-Planned Communities

As Montana Master-Planned Communities take shape, people have started asking us: what is a master-planned community? How does that work?   Master-planned communities are large residential developments that offer residents a lot of different housing types and amenities. It’s different from a traditional subdivision in that it’s really selling a lifestyle that comes with the […]

Is Billings the Best Bet for Commercial Real Estate?

Billings, Montana Emerges as Commercial Real Estate Opportunity  Get the scoop on the potential Billings holds for commercial real estate investors. Billings, Montana, the second fastest-growing city in the state, is often overshadowed by Bozeman and Missoula. But Billings is fast emerging as a destination for new residents and tourists alike – with good reason. […]

Bozeman Self-Storage: Time to Sell?

Bozeman Self-Storage Operators: Sell? Hold? Find Out Your Facility’s Worth? Population Boom and Rising Self-Storage Rents in Gallatin County  Throughout the year, Sterling CRE’s research team surveys pricing for major self-storage markets in Montana. That includes Missoula, the Bitterroot Valley, the Flathead area, Bozeman, Billings, and Helena. Pricing data helps self-storage clients stay competitive and […]

What Does The Missoula Downtown Master Plan Mean for Development?

In Missoula, we love a Master Plan – here’s our take on what’s in store for Downtown  In late 2019, a Master Plan for Missoula Downtown wrapped up. It was the culmination of a tremendous effort. Lots of voices, data, and insights weighed into the final (211-page) product.  The outcomes were pretty clear and resonated […]

Montana Master Planned Communities

Master Planned Communities: What They Are and Where They Are in Montana Master planned communities are large-scale residential developments that focus on offering residents a cohesive lifestyle. In general, they offer a wider range of housing types and prices. They also offer a broader range of amenities than traditional subdivisions.  A “master developer” typically purchases […]

Missoula Midtown Market Minute

What’s up in Missoula’s Midtown? Hey Missoula, get ready for the Midtown Minute, some quick real estate and development news from the center of the city. The old Fat Cat building continues to take shape, with Horizon Credit Union planning to move in once renovation wraps up. With about 5000 square feet under construction, we’ll […]

Montana Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet Friendly Rentals in Montana: Pros & Cons Allowing pets in rental units has long been a fraught topic. Especially in pet-friendly towns like Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman, there is a dearth of available rental properties that accommodate animals. What’s a landlord – or a renter – to do? Cons Any animal can cause a […]

Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?

Master Plan Recommends New Missoula Midtown Boundary – And We’re Here For It  Master Plans are spawning around Montana. Sign up for Sterling CRE weekly emails to keep up on master plan news across the state.  Emily Brock presented an updated Midtown Master Plan at the Missoula Redevelopment Agency meeting on June 17 (you can […]