Self Storage Waitlists in Montana

Self Storage Waitlists in Montana: Is There Another Option? For some tenants, getting waitlisted for a self storage unit isn’t an option. Unexpected relocation, death in the family, or other circumstances are forcing many Montanans to scramble for storage. Some are turning to for storage solutions. That’s leaving some self storage operators to wonder […]

Need a warehouse for your brewery?

You’ve got the killer suds – now you just need a warehouse for your brewery. Get the inside scoop on what it takes to make your brewery dreams a reality.  With over 100 breweries in Montana, we rank second in the nation for breweries per capita. It might seem like starting a brewery is a […]

Montana Office Market Update

Montana Office Market Update: Looking for that just-right space There was plenty of doom and gloom about the office market in the past 12 – 14 months, and probably rightfully so. No one was sure when empty offices were going to be used again and we saw a quick rise in remote work, begging the […]

Why is Housing So Expensive in Montana?

In a state with as much land as Montana, you might have thought finding housing would have been easy – but why is it so dang expensive to live here?   When will the apartment market become more stable in Montana? What has to give for rents to even out and more units to become […]

Want to buy a warehouse in Bozeman?

Ready to invest in Bozeman? Check out warehouse lease rates! Do you own – or want to buy – a warehouse in Bozeman? In such an active market, it can be tough to know if you’re under – or over- charging on rent. We are tracking local rents at an average of 8 dollars and […]

Bozeman Commercial Real Estate

What’s the state of Bozeman commercial real estate? Get local data with Sterling CRE Advisors.  Across the Bozeman area, the commercial real estate market made robust progress as the world slowly emerged from pandemic-driven isolation. Even office assets, most abruptly vacated in early 2020, rebounded at $16.28 per square foot (NNN equivalent). That’s higher than […]

Want to Sell a Warehouse in Missoula?

Ready to sell a warehouse in Missoula – just not sure if now is the right time? Alright, owners of industrial buildings: you’ve probably been asking yourself, is now the right time to sell your warehouse in Missoula? And we think we have your answer: it’s yes. Here’s why. From production facilities for the TV […]

Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles

Tracking Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Maximum Return on Investment  If you’ve been to Sterling CRE Advisors MarketWatch event before, you’re probably familiar with the Mueller study. The chart below shows four distinct phases in the commercial real estate cycle. Our team uses it to guide investment and exit planning. The Mueller study uses […]

Three Reasons Montana Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to CRE Trends

Why should small businesses in Montana stay current with commercial real estate data? Hey, Montana small businesses: if you aren’t ready to buy your own building, should you care about the commercial real estate market? Here’s the top three reasons small business owners should keep tabs on local CRE trends. Don’t Overpay. If you lease […]

Ready to Rent a Retail Space in Missoula?

Get ready to launch your retail location! Learn more about renting a space in the Missoula Retail sector. Your business is growing and you’re ready to rent a retail space in Missoula. Or, maybe you’re interested in Bozeman, Kalispell, or another location in the Big Sky state. No matter where you land, understanding key market […]