Bozeman Commercial Real Estate

What’s the state of Bozeman commercial real estate? Get local data with Sterling CRE Advisors.  Across the Bozeman area, the commercial real estate market made robust progress as the world slowly emerged from pandemic-driven isolation. Even office assets, most abruptly vacated in early 2020, rebounded at $16.28 per square foot (NNN equivalent). That’s higher than […]

Want to Sell a Warehouse in Missoula?

Ready to sell a warehouse in Missoula – just not sure if now is the right time? Alright, owners of industrial buildings: you’ve probably been asking yourself, is now the right time to sell your warehouse in Missoula? And we think we have your answer: it’s yes. Here’s why. From production facilities for the TV […]

Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles

Tracking Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Maximum Return on Investment  If you’ve been to Sterling CRE Advisors MarketWatch event before, you’re probably familiar with the Mueller study. The chart below shows four distinct phases in the commercial real estate cycle. Our team uses it to guide investment and exit planning. The Mueller study uses […]

Three Reasons Montana Small Businesses Should Pay Attention to CRE Trends

Why should small businesses in Montana stay current with commercial real estate data? Hey, Montana small businesses: if you aren’t ready to buy your own building, should you care about the commercial real estate market? Here’s the top three reasons small business owners should keep tabs on local CRE trends. Don’t Overpay. If you lease […]

Ready to Rent a Retail Space in Missoula?

Get ready to launch your retail location! Learn more about renting a space in the Missoula Retail sector. Your business is growing and you’re ready to rent a retail space in Missoula. Or, maybe you’re interested in Bozeman, Kalispell, or another location in the Big Sky state. No matter where you land, understanding key market […]

What Does ARPA Mean for Montana Landlords?

What Does ARPA Mean for Multifamily Investors and Montana Landlords? For multifamily investors, things are looking better than they did over the past year. On March 11, 2021 President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). This plan included $21.55 billion in emergency rental help funding. That’s in addition to the $25 […]

Who are the Montana Biotechnology Innovators?

Meet Some Key Researchers in Montana Biotechnology – and Learn What Makes Them Great Tenants  As Montana’s biotechnology industry moved forward, demand for specialized commercial space heated up. Tonix Pharmaceuticals acquired 43 acres in Hamilton, Montana for a vaccine production facility. In Bozeman, NanoValent Pharmaceuticals raised millions in their pursuit of novel cancer research.   In […]

Missoula’s Economy Rebounds, But Not Without Challenges

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic – the same day we hosted Missoula MarketWatch. Two days later, the United States declared a national emergency and shut down travel from 26 countries. Shortly after, Montana’s governor issued a stay at home order that marked the start of a months-long period […]

Southgate Mall Ownership Washington Prime Eyes Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Concerns for Washington Prime Group: What Does That Mean for the Southgate Mall? While Missoula’s Southgate Mall continues to expand with a 100,000+ square foot Scheels, bankruptcy concerns plague the Mall’s ownership group, says Bloomberg News. The Real Deal Real Estate News reported that Washington Prime Group (WPG) is struggling to reduce its debt, […]

Build to Suit Montana | How Does That Work?

 Build to Suit in Montana | How Does That Work? Have you ever noticed that almost all Walgreens and standalone Starbucks buildings look the same, no matter where you are? It’s because these buildings are most commonly built for a specific corporate tenant in a delivery method commonly known as build to suit. In Montana, […]