TEDD: How Does That Work?

TEDDs, or targeted economic development districts, are areas where tax incentives are available to developers. Often, TEDDs are in an area that’s ripe for development but lacks key infrastructure like roads. And with one single mile of roadway coming in at two to five million dollars to construct, those costs keep developers from investing in […]

Ghost Kitchens in Montana

Ghost Kitchens: Not That Spooky, We Promise Happy Halloween Montana! On this edition of How Does That Work, we’re covering ghost kitchens – don’t worry, it’s not as spooky as it sounds. Before COVID-19 hit, Montanans loved to eat out. In fact, on average, residents spent almost three thousand dollars each on dining out every […]

COVID and Construction Costs

How is COVID-19 impacting construction costs across Montana? By Nick Chaussee Like many small metro housing markets, Montana’s major cities are seeing home prices shoot up. But it’s not just the departure from coastal areas causing housing prices to soar. Rising construction costs are increasing prices across the country.   According to the National Association […]

Market Report: Missoula Commercial Office

As of April first this year, eleven commercial office transactions had been completed in Missoula County. Since a typical year sees about 30 total office building deals, 2020 looked to be a normal – and perhaps even busy – year for the office market.  Even as 2020 looked to be a busy year, the majority […]

Is Time Up for the 1031 Exchange?

‘Tis the season for political mudslinging. While we try to stay above the fray, one policy point did catch our attention: is President Biden planning to do away with the 1031 exchange?  May 2021 Update: More details of President Biden’s plan for the 1031 Exchange are coming to light. “The Biden proposal would abolish 1031 […]

Read Up On: Commercial Leasing

Ready to lease a commercial space for your business? Looking to lease out your building? We want to help you build a foundation of knowledge about commercial real estate investment.  That’s why we’re defining more common real estate terms. Send us your questions – we’re here to demystify the world of commercial real estate.  When […]

Montana MEDIA Act: How Does That Work?

The MEDIA Act: Blank Check? Not Quite.  Claire Matten shares how the MEDIA Act works. In the last 18 months, the film industry boosted Montana’s economy – to the tune of forty-seven million dollars. And looking ahead, the Yellowstone Film Ranch near Livingston is gearing up to host a projected three to four major motion […]

TIF Gets Taken to Task: How Does That Work?

There have been a lot of changes at the Southgate Mall in Missoula over the past few years. A dine-in movie theater and a newly connected street were recent additions to the area. But this project got pushback shortly after these completion because of a TIF-related public opposition. In the final part of our series […]

CRE Terms 101: What’s Absorption?

Absorption, infill, adaptive reuse – what does that mean? You’ve heard it before, or maybe you already know from experience: investing in real estate builds wealth. And while diving into the world of commercial real estate investments may seem unachievable, there are ways to start small and build a portfolio over time.  To get there, […]

The Old Post Returns: Hey What’s That Missoula?

The Old Post rides again, a new coffee option on Russell and mask acne might be a distant memory thanks to new spas. Get more content like this in Sterling CRE’s newsletter. Sign up here.  Hey, What’s That Missoula? There’s good news and bad news. The good news is, lots of new food options are […]