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Chris Alvino

Chris Alvino

CIG Acquistions and Asset Manager


If you hear the name Flash around the Sterling offices, chances are good that someone is talking about Chris Alvino. As Flash transitioned out of active duty with the United States Marine Corps, he moved into a leadership role with Sterling CIG. Here, Flash leverages his leadership background to propel commercial real estate projects forward. 

Formerly a Director of Aviation and Global Force Management for Marine Forces Command, Chris was a F/A-18 instructor and ops officer, led unit operations, and managed dozens of direct reports. Simultaneously, he earned a business degree from UCLA. With this background, Chris has the chops to take on big, visionary projects. 

“In Montana, one of the biggest challenges we can tackle is housing,” Chris says. “How can we meet the needs of our communities? How can we create more accessible housing and, in turn, sustain an attractive business climate? These are the questions I’m looking to answer through commercial development.”

In this role, Chris sits at the intersection of business, commercial development, and social concerns. In addition to his business degree, an undergraduate degree in political science from Bucknell helps him parse through the multilayered issues that accompany housing development.

And, like any good F/A-18 fighter pilot, Chris believes in continuous, relentless improvement. He dedicates a portion of his free time to CCIM coursework and real estate development classes. The rest of his non-working hours are spent with his wife and their two boxers, exploring Montana.

Flash has another nickname: Jersey Shore, harkening back to where he grew up. He speaks pretty passionately about a Jersey pizzeria named John’s Boy, fresh mozzarella, and North Jersey chili cheese dogs. We’re hopeful Chris can bring the chili cheese dogs to Montana…in a flash.