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Justin Archibald

Justin Archibald | PMP

Operations Director


“Get your team of experts to weigh in, start punching holes in potential solutions, and make a plan to move forward,” he says.

It’s an ethic built on years of experience in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot and senior test and evaluation pilot leading programs for military fighter and electronic attack aircraft. With dozens of direct reports and an $80 million dollar annual budget to manage, Justin had little time for wishy-washy planning.

Over the past several years, he split complex problems into bite-sized pieces – and then either solved the issue or had to declare it unfixable. After two decades and some change spent in service to his country, Justin started the transition to civilian life.

And the Sterling CRE Advisors team had the right opportunity at the right time. Sterling CRE was in search of a skilled operations director. That came just as Justin’s family pinpointed Montana as their new home.

But what do commercial real estate and aircraft development have in common?
Most importantly, they both require meticulous and even-handed coordination. “I spent a huge amount of time listening, mediating, prioritizing team strengths, and managing expectations between aircrew, engineers, and design teams to ensure successful product delivery,” he says. “Those are just a few of the skills I bring with me.”

Though Justin shrugs off the title “fixer,” he readily steps into thorny projects in need of leadership.

With a Project Management Professional certification and a background in risk management, he’s poised for success in the complex world of CRE. Justin likes to pursue the most challenging route.  For him, the rapidly evolving Montana markets provide a new level of difficulty.

And though he can be a serious guy, he’s definitely not all work and no play. You can catch him hiking, hunting, and fishing with his two children and wife in his off time. After spending the past four years on base in the Mojave Desert, Montana’s forests look downright tropical to the Archibalds.

Reach Justin Archibald at or call 406.370.9178.