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Maggie Collister

Maggie Collister

Project Marketing Manager


Maggie Collister has always been a creator.

Early on in her life, she thought she might pursue product design. But after considering her options, she found a new way to create something big.

“I started off working in residential development, then apartments and mixed-use projects,” Maggie says. “I loved the way commercial real estate development shapes cities.”

“Real estate development is about the people that use the buildings- creating spaces they can draw inspiration from, innovate in, live their best lives in.”

She supported one of the nation’s fastest-growing downtown areas as a part of Center Cities Partners in Charlotte, North Carolina. For years, Maggie provided research, reports, studies, and marketing materials guiding smart growth and supporting economic development.

She also served on the Research Committee of the International Downtown Association providing research on topics like affordable housing and building resilient downtowns.

Before Center City Partners, she worked as a housing consultant, guiding all aspects of residential development from site selection to marketing details. Her clients were diverse: homebuilders, developers, and government agencies to name just a few.

With a formal education in design, Maggie managed projects from initial research to the artistic direction for public-facing materials. Maggie’s background syncs up with SterlingCRE’s data-driven approach. She brings research, potential, and local character into concise marketing packages for every listing.

Her economic development ability goes beyond the numbers and into the human side of real estate.

“Talent attraction and retention is a key issue for employers,” Maggie says. “Real estate plays a huge role in that, whether it’s providing workspaces that keep your staff happy or ensuring that there are housing options that meet the needs of the workforce.”

And while her background may seem niche, it’s an exceptional fit in Montana. Growing cities, development interest, and commercial property demand align with Maggie’s unique skill set.

It’s not just the professional sphere that welcomed Maggie Collister. Montana’s wide-open spaces appealed to Maggie and her beloved horse, Niki. If her time wasn’t so committed to commercial real estate development across Montana, Maggie says she’d “be a handy ranch hand.”

One thing she’s missing from the south? “Viva Chicken! The yellow sauce is amazing.”

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