There’s an office building boom on the horizon for Missoula

There’s an office building boom on the horizon for Missoula

Dynamic Real Estate Mapping

Location and timing are two key elements when it comes to making successful real estate investments. It is critical to understand the dynamics of a given location as well as its demographics, competitive supply and upcoming projects in the pipeline. One of the best tools out for Missoula investors and developers is GIS (geographic information systems) which makes visualizing data on a map easy.

Missoula delivered 110,000 square feet of new office in 2019, with an additional 200,000 square feet under construction. Over half a million square feet of office space is being planned over the next 3-5 years. Where is it all going? That’s good to know if you are an investor, planning to lease new office space, thinking about buying a building or office condominium, planning your company’s real estate needs or just curious about what is going on that site you drive by every day.

This week’s blog post is a link to a map of Missoula’s current office pipeline. It allows you to see where new development is coming and in what quantities. Click the map above or link below to take you to the story map- scroll through to interact with the maps. You can zoom in and out, and learn more about the office projects that have recently delivered, are under construction or are being planned.

Link To Map