Buy Commercial Real Estate

You already know that the right space is critical to the future of your business. What you need is advice backed by solid data to help you know which space will enable your business to thrive.

Through independent research, Sterling CRE Advisors has compiled data on the local commercial real estate market that other companies don’t have.

At our first annual Missoula Market Watch event, we provided attendees with a snapshot of the local market data we’ve collected. If you didn’t make it, request a free presentation summary. Empower your business with data-driven decision management.

Critical questions need solid answers. Will it be in your best interest to buy a building or to lease office space? An expert at Sterling CRE can help guide you to making that determination through crucial questions regarding:

  • Down payment
  • Growth Trajectory
  • Length of time you anticipate being in a space
  • How well a particular building or area serves the needs of your business
  • Government and third party tax and job creation incentives that might apply to you

Interested in investing in commercial real estate? The asset class has long been viewed as both a safe haven to preserve an investment and means to generate a positive return. Real estate investments can be structured to deliver steady cash flow with dividends that are regularly distributed. Many investors have discovered the benefits of diversifying a portfolio with a hard asset, in contrast to buying shares in a company that may be here today and gone tomorrow. Once again, we’ve got data – that you won’t find anywhere else – to give you the edge on investment decisions.

Whether you are a business owner or investor, Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors provides you with the critical information and advice that helps you rise above the competition.

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