Lease Commercial Space

If you’re in business, odds are that your lease payment is one of the biggest line items in your budget. Rarely does anything else but payroll impact your bottom line as much. Getting the right lease on the right terms can make or break your business.

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Commercial leases can be complicated documents. Sadly, most tenants go directly to the landlord’s representation and deal only with them. When you jump into an arena you are not familiar with, you could pay for it with unfavorable rates, terms and conditions.

You wouldn’t go into a legal battle without an attorney. You shouldn’t go into negotiations for commercial space without a tenant representative either.  If you’re looking for commercial space for lease in Missoula and the surrounding areas, you’ll want Sterling CRE Advisors on your side.

Sterling CRE Advisors will represent the specific needs of your business. You’ll be working with a state-licensed real estate agent who specializes in finding available spaces and negotiating commercial leases on your behalf. They not only know what’s available for lease in the market, but they will consult with you to understand the unique needs of your business model.

  • Get the right space for the right price and term.
  • Secure landlord concessions.
  • Negotiate build-out terms.
  • Secure purchase options or early termination provisions.

The landlord you’ll be negotiating with is likely represented by a leasing professional — you should be too. Getting the details of your lease right can pay dividends for your business for years to come.

Tenant representation: it’s about so much more than just the lease rate.

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