Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Investment Real Estate in Missoula

Commercial real estate presents tremendous opportunity for investors. Investments in commercial properties generally offer returns superior to residential real estate deals. Potential exists for additional cash flow, less competition for desirable properties, and affordable property managers. All of that can mean a bigger payoff for an investor.

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It’s important to understand that commercial property is valued differently than residential property. Leases are also generally longer than on single-family residences. So while commercial real estate presents tremendous opportunity, you will definitely want a seasoned professional to help you navigate.

Your portfolio will benefit from data-driven decision management.

Matt Mellott of Sterling CRE Advisors can help you understand how commercial real estate investment can greatly enhance your investment portfolio. Matt has the experience – fused with the entrepreneur’s eye for opportunity – to enable you to take advantage of the benefits of commercial property investing.

With Matt’s help, you’ll become familiar with key commercial real estate metrics such as net operating income (NOI), “cap rate” or capitalization rate, and discounted cash flow analysis, which enables you to compare the performance of competing properties.

1031 Exchanges

In concert with your CPA, Matt will help guide you through a 1031 exchange.  Doing so often defers tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and allows your to reinvest into larger properties.  It is one of the most powerful wealth building tools available in Missoula’s commercial real estate market.

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