Connor McMahon

From commercial fishing deck boss to becoming Co-Star’s Power Broker of the Year, Connor McMahon doesn’t do anything halfway.

Connor McMahon has a background in commercial real estate starting in property management and migrating to the retail sector.  Soon, he was working CRE deals throughout the country.

With over $100 million in transaction volume under his belt, Connor understands the complexity of the sector. “No two deals are the same. There are a lot of moving parts,” says Connor. “As a broker, I love retail because I am in a position to add a lot of value to the transaction.”

Connor averages over 30 deals a year, representing everyone from mom-and-pop shops on up to national corporations. Experienced in market penetration strategies, complex leases and franchise relationships, Connor knows the devil is in the details.

There tends to be more physical requirements than people realize, he says.

“When you start getting into HVAC, sewer, electrical, and the whole world of restaurant FF&E, it can quickly get overwhelming for an operator. That’s where I can bring peace of mind to a client.”

It’s likely that we’ll see a Grocery Outlet sooner than later if Connor can work his magic. He’s assisted Grocery Outlet in making their way into 15 new markets since 2018. Now, he is eager to bring the chain to Montana.

As a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, Connor brings the latest in retail trends to Montana. He helps local and out of state brands secure key locations across the state.

Originally from Washington, his passion for bowhunting and fly fishing means he’s right at home in the Big Sky state. Connor spends his free time with his wife, young son and two (big) dogs, exploring Montana’s outdoors.

Contact Connor McMahon at Connor@SterlingCREadvisors.com or at 406-370-6424.

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