Renée Fisher

Property Manager

Renée Fisher has managed everything, including a modern-day ghost town. Amid the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, she managed over a million square feet in downtown Seattle. These buildings went from a hum of constant activity to an eerie stillness – nearly overnight.

But before it was just her and a few security guards manning Block 14, Renée started her property management career in Boise, Idaho. She had just finished a degree at Montana State University in cell biology and neuroscience with a minor in psychology. From there, her career took a clear turn to property management. 

And after several years in the industry, there’s almost nothing in the property management world that Renee hasn’t done. She’s managed hundreds of thousands of square footage in every asset class, from office to warehousing. 


She’s overseen post-crisis building rehabs, extensive pest management, multi-million dollar security contracts, managed loading docks, and handled broad maintenance including fire suppression, HVAC, boilers, cooling towers, and generators. Her background includes proctoring RFPs for properties and sustainability program management. That last one is evidenced by the Platinum Dumpster Award bestowed on one of the properties in her portfolio. 

In the course of her work, Renée gained several endorsements, including a Certified Property Manager through IREM, Commercial Manager of Commercial Properties through BOMA, and a Washington Brokers License. She plans to pursue a Montana Brokers license and is midway through a master’s degree in real estate. 

 After a few (extremely) quiet months during the pandemic in Seattle, Renée decided to move back home to be close to her family in Montana. She brought her cats Loki and Dante and wishes she could have brought an Evergreen’s location with her as well. 

When Renée isn’t handling capital improvement projects or reconciling building budgets, she likes to travel. Some of her favorite places to visit were Greece and Ireland. But anywhere she can use her scuba diving license sounds like a good time. 

Contact Renée at 406-290-9800.