Spencer O'Donnel Headshot

Spencer O’Donnell

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Spencer O’Donnell has sold commercial property sales in 30+ states. He has some impressive transactions under his belt. But he didn’t start out slinging big deals in swanky coastal cities. 

For Spencer, his commercial real estate career got started with a Denny’s in New Mexico. “The property had been on the market for months,” he says. “But I knew if I could diffuse the frustration about this property and start fresh, I could get it sold.” 

That’s exactly what he did. From there, Spencer made it his mission to bring a cool head and educated perspective to every deal. 

“A broker’s value is not just in understanding the numbers and facilitating the transaction, but in taking the emotional energy out of the room and making sure everyone leaves satisfied.”

Working predominantly with retail properties, Spencer traveled the country as part of the Colliers team. He knows it was a privilege to see so much of the nation and it made him certain of his choice to relocate to Missoula. “If I could pick any place I want to be in the world, it’s Montana.”

This national experience also means Spencer connects with a diverse cross section of investors turning their interest to Montana. But even with cultural differences between regions, there was one constant approach that works for Spencer. “I always ask questions first and foremost – I think the biggest mistake is to pretend you have a solution before you even truly understand what the client is grappling with,” he says. 

Building trust with clients through these conversations is key. The other component of Spencer’s success is investing in his CRE expertise. With a broker license in Montana and California, he’s also completed Carnegie training and developed a depth of knowledge in investments and 1031 exchange. 

Outside of work, Spencer spends his time hunting, fishing and enjoying Montana’s outdoors. He’s also working towards becoming a volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy, a career path that he might have chosen had it not been for that Denny’s in New Mexico.

Contact Spencer O’Donnell at 406-880-6767 or Spencer.ODonnell@SterlingCREadvisors.com