Top Tips for a Great Commercial Tenant/Landlord Relationship

Top Tips for a Great Commercial Tenant/Landlord Relationship

Lana Miller, Sterling Commercial Management Property Manager

A good tenant in a commercial space is worth their weight in gold. To ensure a positive landlord-tenant relationship, here are a few tips. 

  1. Communication is key. It’s important to set expectations for how work orders will be submitted, received, and responded to.

  2. Get everything in writing. No oral leases are honored in a legal dispute – and neither will verbal agreements altering the lease. If a tenant commits to paying a specific utility bill or landscape contractor, both parties should get the agreement in writing (ideally, with an addendum to the lease). 

  3. Clearly define maintenance roles and responsibilities in the lease. It makes a big difference when an expensive problem (like a boiler replacement) arises. 

  4. Perform an in-person walkthrough before move-in, even in a new build or shell space. During this walkthrough, take lots of photos, as these can be key to documenting the condition of the space at move-in. 

  5. Think outside the box when it comes to parking and other amenities. How can you work with tenants to be sure parking is equitable and fair? Is there a shared kitchen that you can outfit with a few simple appliances to support a great tenant experience? 

The best tip is to start strong with a lease that clearly defines deadlines, due dates, responsibilities, and penalties. Ready to refresh your commercial lease? Contact us!