Pros and Cons: Kalispell Commercial Real Estate

What commercial real estate opportunities should you look for in Kalispell, Montana? While it doesn’t get quite as much airtime as Missoula or Bozeman, Kalispell is experiencing the same expansive growth as other major Montana cities – and the Kalispell commercial real estate sector shows great potential. The City of Kalispell reports that residential permitting, […]

Montana Development: Butte, Billings, & Kalispell

What’s up with Butte and Billings development in Montana? Check out what’s new! As 2021 comes to a close, we’re taking a look back at Montana’s big development news. Here are some of the major commercial projects from across the state this year. While Missoula and Bozeman have long been hubs for commercial investment, we’re […]

The Future of Housing in Montana 

Montana Housing: Big yards? Out. Cohousing? In.  A new generation of Montana home buyers is considering cohousing, co-ops, live/work style units, and other nontraditional housing products in lieu of single-family homes. While traditional homes still appeal to some buyers, rising prices and changing values signal an evolving market.  What’s changed? And how can builders be […]

Bozeman Multifamily/Apartment Vacancy

Bozeman Multifamily / Apartment Vacancy at 2% Limited rental product in current market but hundreds of new units in development pipeline A market survey conducted by Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors (Sterling CRE) showed multifamily vacancy in Gallatin County at 2% in the fourth quarter of 2021. A balanced market generally has a 4 – […]

Is the Missoula AirBnB Stock Creating a Crisis?

Is Your AirBnB Creating a Crisis in Missoula? “Anecdotally, many Missoulians believe short-term rentals are eating up what otherwise could serve as housing to those who live and work in the city,” reported the Missoula Current. “Can’t wait to not be able to park and pay more for rent so out of state and local […]

Pet-Friendly Communities in Montana

Montana Pet-Friendly Communities: Take Note, Developers!  Take note, Missoula developers! In a recent survey of home buyer preferences in Missoula, more respondents requested a dog park than were looking for a playground. This doesn’t come as a surprise as 50% of US households have a pet vs 27% of households with a child under the […]

Is Montana “Ruined?” We’re Not So Sure

We heard Montana is ruined! But we’re not so sure… An overheated housing market has some people claiming Montana is ruined. And while the state is Montana is famous for its wide-open spaces, don’t let that fool you. In some of our most popular cities, space is at a premium as these markets experience unprecedented […]

Montana Multifamily Management 101

Get the right management for your Montana Multifamily property.  Montana Multifamily owners, is your management up to par? Did you know that there are hundreds of new apartments under construction in key markets across Montana? As the rental landscape gets more competitive, there are a few key questions to ask your property manager. Here are […]

Missoula Housing Research: HOME Report

Missoula Housing Research| Prospective Buyers Switching It Up  The last best place has become the first and best option for people looking to move. It’s not just out of staters, either. Montanan’s are leaving smaller cities for job opportunities in larger markets like Billings, Missoula, and Bozeman. As the demographics change in these cities, what […]

What do Amenities Do Missoula Home Buyers Want?

What Piques the Interest of Missoula Home Buyers? Check Out the Top Three Amenities.    As part of the HOME Report, we asked Missoula residents to identify their top three home amenities. Find out what ranked highest – and what they could do without. Creating an ideal neighborhood requires a marketable mix of housing types […]