Where Do WeWork in Montana?

Coworking in Montana: where do we work when WeWork isn’t an option? Coworking options like WeWork are scarce in the inland northwest, with Montana in the heart of that coworking desert. In fact, there are no WeWork affiliate locations in Montana…or Idaho, or Wyoming, or either of the Dakotas. Regus has an Bozeman location, but […]

Montana Retail Building Owner Q&A

Montana retail building owners, get ready for a lighting round of commonly asked questions! Stay tuned to get the latest in lease rates and retail opportunities with commercial space expert Connor McMahon. Q: You’re a specialist in retail properties – what does that mean? A: For the past several years, I’ve helped retailers find the […]

Recreational Marijuana Policy in Missoula

Missoula Recreational Marijuana Policy White Paper Outlines Possible Zoning Recommendations Back in November 2020, Montanans voted to legalize the adult use of marijuana. After some hemming and hawing at the state level regarding the regulation of the formerly controlled substance, cities are now forging ahead to shape municipal policy for marijuana use.   On September […]

Missoula Housing Construction Heats Up

Housing Construction Picks Up Speed in Missoula The Q3 2021 Missoula multifamily market survey identified an uptick in multifamily construction and permitting. What’s more, local news sources verify that Missoula housing construction has made big strides across the county. As of Q3, 1,145 building permits had been issued in 2021. This represents an increase of […]

Three Reasons Retail Landlords Undercharge

Three Reasons Retail Landlords Might Undercharge – And What to Do About It Are retail property owners leaving money on the table? It’s not uncommon to find retail tenants paying below-market rents across Montana, says commercial real estate expert Connor McMahon. And it is not just money lost in rent today – undercharging can have […]

Missoula CRE Update | Midyear 2021

Missoula CRE Heats Up Hey Missoula CRE investors, midyear commercial sales and leasing data are now available from Sterling CRE Advisors. What trends are apparent in the commercial real estate markets? In the current market, an increasing number of users are willing to pay a premium for the right space. Retail users with specific needs […]

How to Value Add Montana Multifamily Property

Adding Value to Your Montana Multifamily Property: Five Questions to Ask Your Property Management Team Is your multifamily investment looking into the future? As the multifamily market starts to right itself with more inventory popping up across the state, owners should consider their competitive edge. Jessica Morina, Director of Sterling Commercial Management Group offers a […]

Montana Master-Planned Communities

As Montana Master-Planned Communities take shape, people have started asking us: what is a master-planned community? How does that work?   Master-planned communities are large residential developments that offer residents a lot of different housing types and amenities. It’s different from a traditional subdivision in that it’s really selling a lifestyle that comes with the […]

Scheels News in Missoula Midtown

Beer, Bear Spray at Scheels and the New Kent Plaza in Midtown Missoula! Hey Missoula, get ready for the Midtown Minute, some quick real estate and development news from the center of the city. A few months ago, we heard that the Midtown Plaza would be ready for their grand opening in the fall. So […]

Is Billings the Best Bet for Commercial Real Estate?

Billings, Montana Emerges as Commercial Real Estate Opportunity  Get the scoop on the potential Billings holds for commercial real estate investors. Billings, Montana, the second fastest-growing city in the state, is often overshadowed by Bozeman and Missoula. But Billings is fast emerging as a destination for new residents and tourists alike – with good reason. […]