Bozeman Multifamily/Apartment Vacancy

Bozeman Multifamily / Apartment Vacancy at 2% Limited rental product in current market but hundreds of new units in development pipeline A market survey conducted by Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors (Sterling CRE) showed multifamily vacancy in Gallatin County at 2% in the fourth quarter of 2021. A balanced market generally has a 4 – […]

Is the Missoula AirBnB Stock Creating a Crisis?

Is Your AirBnB Creating a Crisis in Missoula? “Anecdotally, many Missoulians believe short-term rentals are eating up what otherwise could serve as housing to those who live and work in the city,” reported the Missoula Current. “Can’t wait to not be able to park and pay more for rent so out of state and local […]

Pet-Friendly Communities in Montana

Montana Pet-Friendly Communities: Take Note, Developers!  Take note, Missoula developers! In a recent survey of home buyer preferences in Missoula, more respondents requested a dog park than were looking for a playground. This doesn’t come as a surprise as 50% of US households have a pet vs 27% of households with a child under the […]

Montana Multifamily Management 101

Get the right management for your Montana Multifamily property.  Montana Multifamily owners, is your management up to par? Did you know that there are hundreds of new apartments under construction in key markets across Montana? As the rental landscape gets more competitive, there are a few key questions to ask your property manager. Here are […]

Missoula Housing Research: HOME Report

Missoula Housing Research| Prospective Buyers Switching It Up  The last best place has become the first and best option for people looking to move. It’s not just out of staters, either. Montanan’s are leaving smaller cities for job opportunities in larger markets like Billings, Missoula, and Bozeman. As the demographics change in these cities, what […]

What do Amenities Do Missoula Home Buyers Want?

What Piques the Interest of Missoula Home Buyers? Check Out the Top Three Amenities.    As part of the HOME Report, we asked Missoula residents to identify their top three home amenities. Find out what ranked highest – and what they could do without. Creating an ideal neighborhood requires a marketable mix of housing types […]

Montana Click-to-Brick Marketing Strategies

 Montana retail expert Connor McMahon takes questions on click-to-brick marketing strategies. Q: What’s a big trend you are seeing pop up for retailers? A: Omnichannel marketing or this click-to-brick concept. This is a fusion of online and brick-and-mortar shopping that leverages every channel available to the consumer, including social media, web, and mobile avenues, […]

Recreational Marijuana in Montana

Commercial Building Owners, Interested in Jumping into Recreational/Adult-Use Marijuana?  There’s no doubt that some Montana CRE owners see the potential for recreational marijuana (AKA “adult-use” marijuana). Read on for a breakdown of the CRE considerations within the laws in place governing how the industry. In many Montana cities counties, work on adult-use recreational marijuana policies […]

Big Development under the Big Sky in Montana

 Hey, What’s That Montana? Get the inside scoop on the development around the state. What’s new in Montana development? We’re starting on the east side, where Billings is preparing to welcome the state’s first medical school. Construction is scheduled to wrap up on the 135,000 square foot medical education facility in December 2022, with […]

Where Do WeWork in Montana?

Coworking in Montana: where do we work when WeWork isn’t an option? Coworking options like WeWork are scarce in the inland northwest, with Montana in the heart of that coworking desert. In fact, there are no WeWork affiliate locations in Montana…or Idaho, or Wyoming, or either of the Dakotas. Regus has an Bozeman location, but […]