Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles

Tracking Missoula Commercial Real Estate Cycles for Maximum Return on Investment  If you’ve been to Sterling CRE Advisors MarketWatch event before, you’re probably familiar with the Mueller study. The chart below shows four distinct phases in the commercial real estate cycle. Our team uses it to guide investment and exit planning. The Mueller study uses […]

Ready to Rent a Retail Space in Missoula?

Get ready to launch your retail location! Learn more about renting a space in the Missoula Retail sector. Your business is growing and you’re ready to rent a retail space in Missoula. Or, maybe you’re interested in Bozeman, Kalispell, or another location in the Big Sky state. No matter where you land, understanding key market […]

What Does ARPA Mean for Montana Landlords?

What Does ARPA Mean for Multifamily Investors and Montana Landlords? For multifamily investors, things are looking better than they did over the past year. On March 11, 2021 President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). This plan included $21.55 billion in emergency rental help funding. That’s in addition to the $25 […]

Who are the Montana Biotechnology Innovators?

Meet Some Key Researchers in Montana Biotechnology – and Learn What Makes Them Great Tenants  As Montana’s biotechnology industry moved forward, demand for specialized commercial space heated up. Tonix Pharmaceuticals acquired 43 acres in Hamilton, Montana for a vaccine production facility. In Bozeman, NanoValent Pharmaceuticals raised millions in their pursuit of novel cancer research.   In […]

Build to Suit Montana | How Does That Work?

 Build to Suit in Montana | How Does That Work? Have you ever noticed that almost all Walgreens and standalone Starbucks buildings look the same, no matter where you are? It’s because these buildings are most commonly built for a specific corporate tenant in a delivery method commonly known as build to suit. In Montana, […]

Decoded: Missoula Form Based Code

We Read Missoula Form Based Code (So You Don’t Have To)* The City of Missoula adopted Form Based Code for the area formerly known as the Mullan Area. It’s now called the Sx͏ʷtpqyen – pronounced S-wh-tip-KAYN- Neighborhoods. If you’re looking for the Cliff Notes for the City of Missoula and Missoula County Traditional Neighborhood Development […]

What are CRE Asset Types?

What is commercial real estate and what are asset types in the CRE world? For something that surrounds most of us everyday, there is some confusion about what commercial real estate is, and what commercial real estate advisors mean when we refer to asset classes. Find out more with Claire Matten and Matt Mellott, advisors […]

The Missing Middle in Montana: Is Mid-Density Housing the Future?

The Missing Middle | Montana Housing Shortages at All Price Points In Montana’s popular cities, we hear a lot about two extremes: expensive, out-of-reach homes (all the way up to million-dollar mansions) or affordable housing. What’s missing? It’s those homes (and families) in the middle. That’s where the missing middle comes into play in Montana. […]

Future Proofing: Montana Retail Trends

What’s Next for Montana Retail Trends in the Wake of COVID-19? By Connor McMahon And how can Montana retailers future-proof? Experts have been preaching doom and gloom for brick and motor retail for years. The “Amazon effect,” increased density in urban environments and zoning changes have all been significant challenges to the retail industry. But […]

Pop-Up Retail in Montana: Trend or Here to Stay?

Pop-up retail is gaining popularity around Montana, largely in single serve events. While more metropolitan markets host a number of spaces exclusively for short and longer-term pop-up use, it seems that many landlords tend to prefer the stability of an established tenant.  But the $10 billion dollar pop-up industry is making more inroads in the […]