Bozeman Retail | To Buy or to Lease

 It’s no secret that Bozeman is changing fast: for retail operations, the question might be to buy or to lease? Sterling CRE research director, Sara Townsley, has been keeping track of those shifting dynamics. So what do these changes mean for Bozeman area business? Many clients looking to expand their office, retail, or warehouse […]

What Does The Missoula Downtown Master Plan Mean for Development?

In Missoula, we love a Master Plan – here’s our take on what’s in store for Downtown  In late 2019, a Master Plan for Missoula Downtown wrapped up. It was the culmination of a tremendous effort. Lots of voices, data, and insights weighed into the final (211-page) product.  The outcomes were pretty clear and resonated […]

Montana Master Planned Communities

Master Planned Communities: What They Are and Where They Are in Montana Master planned communities are large-scale residential developments that focus on offering residents a cohesive lifestyle. In general, they offer a wider range of housing types and prices. They also offer a broader range of amenities than traditional subdivisions.  A “master developer” typically purchases […]

Coworking in Bozeman: Bouncing Back?

Bozeman coworking had a tough year in 2020. We weren’t sharing so much as an elevator, let alone a desk used by someone we didn’t know. It looks like the tide has shifted and coworking spaces are back in demand across Bozeman. The benefits of single executive suites and small office spaces usually come with […]

Missoula Midtown Market Minute

What’s up in Missoula’s Midtown? Hey Missoula, get ready for the Midtown Minute, some quick real estate and development news from the center of the city. The old Fat Cat building continues to take shape, with Horizon Credit Union planning to move in once renovation wraps up. With about 5000 square feet under construction, we’ll […]

Montana Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet Friendly Rentals in Montana: Pros & Cons Allowing pets in rental units has long been a fraught topic. Especially in pet-friendly towns like Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman, there is a dearth of available rental properties that accommodate animals. What’s a landlord – or a renter – to do? Cons Any animal can cause a […]

Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?

Master Plan Recommends New Missoula Midtown Boundary – And We’re Here For It  Master Plans are spawning around Montana. Sign up for Sterling CRE weekly emails to keep up on master plan news across the state.  Emily Brock presented an updated Midtown Master Plan at the Missoula Redevelopment Agency meeting on June 17 (you can […]

Montana Microsewers: Clever? Or Crappy?

What are Microsewers and how can Montana benefit? In housing constrained markets like Missoula, Montana, developable land with existing infrastructure is hard to come by. Connecting to city sewer costs, on average, $3,206 – and that doesn’t account for trenching, labor, and other costs developers incur.  And that’s if city sewer is available. If the […]

Missoula Housing Preferences Shifting

Missoula Housing | Prospective Buyers Switching It Up  The last best place has become the first and best option for people looking to move. It’s not just out of staters, either. Montanan’s are leaving smaller cities for job opportunities in larger markets like Billings, Missoula, and Bozeman. As the demographics change in these cities, what […]

Are Short Commutes Behind the Montana Population Boom?

National Association of Home Builders Notes Housing Boom in Areas with Short Drive Times  We’ve all heard about nightmarish commute times, with some folks clocking hours a day behind the wheel or on a train to get to work. Palmdale, California came in with the longest commute times at 85 minutes, followed closely by other […]