Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?

Master Plan Recommends New Missoula Midtown Boundary – And We’re Here For It  Master Plans are spawning around Montana. Sign up for Sterling CRE weekly emails to keep up on master plan news across the state.  Emily Brock presented an updated Midtown Master Plan at the Missoula Redevelopment Agency meeting on June 17 (you can […]

Montana Microsewers: Clever? Or Crappy?

What are Microsewers and how can Montana benefit? In housing constrained markets like Missoula, Montana, developable land with existing infrastructure is hard to come by. Connecting to city sewer costs, on average, $3,206 – and that doesn’t account for trenching, labor, and other costs developers incur.  And that’s if city sewer is available. If the […]

Missoula Housing Preferences Shifting

Missoula Housing | Prospective Buyers Switching It Up  The last best place has become the first and best option for people looking to move. It’s not just out of staters, either. Montanan’s are leaving smaller cities for job opportunities in larger markets like Billings, Missoula, and Bozeman. As the demographics change in these cities, what […]

Are Short Commutes Behind the Montana Population Boom?

National Association of Home Builders Notes Housing Boom in Areas with Short Drive Times  We’ve all heard about nightmarish commute times, with some folks clocking hours a day behind the wheel or on a train to get to work. Palmdale, California came in with the longest commute times at 85 minutes, followed closely by other […]

Missoula Vacancy Rate Falls in Midyear 2021

Missoula Apartment Vacancy Rate for 2021  As the vacancy rate continued to drop in Missoula in 2021, Nick Chaussee checks in with the midyear report on multifamily properties. The vacancy rate for apartments came in at 0.38%. At under one percent, Missoula is far from a healthy apartment vacancy rate of closer to four […]

Bulking Up the Missoula Housing Development Pipeline

How Can Missoula Get More Housing in Development? Our most recent point in time survey shows an apartment vacancy rate of .38% in Missoula. Not only is housing hard to come by, it’s expensive – not just to buy or rent, but expensive to build. But there are solutions to the housing development conundrum in […]

CRE 101: Limited Partnerships in Montana

 If you keep up with Sterling CRE market analysis, you know that commercial assets are hard to come by in some of Montana’s hottest markets, like Missoula and Bozeman. So, how can you get into commercial real estate investment when direct ownership isn’t an option? How does that work?   Sometimes, Montana CRE limited […]

Where are Montana’s Opportunity Zones?

Find Montana’s Opportunity Zones – and Learn What Makes These Locations Desirable.  In 2017, Montana’s Opportunity Zones were created to attract investment to targeted regions. Put simply, Opportunity Zones are meant to bring money into low-income areas. Investors can roll the profit from a business deal into an Opportunity Zone project – there are several […]

Montana Rental Application Fees on Chopping Block?

In Montana, apartment rental application fees were up for debate briefly in the legislature. While that bill (SB241) didn’t make it out of committee, it’s likely not the last time this issue will surface, as application fees have raised plenty of questions in places like Bozeman, Missoula, and other desirable Montana cities with growing populations.  […]

Missoula Costco Expands: Hey, What’s That?

Missoula Costco Expands, The Hip Strip Gets a New Kind of Sunday School and Big Changes on Brooks Street. Hey, What’s That Missoula? The former Clyde Coffee location is now occupied, the planning pipeline is making headway, and lots of dirt is moving at the old Summit Beverage site. When Clyde Coffee moved down the […]