The Missing Middle in Montana: Is Mid-Density Housing the Future?

The Missing Middle | Montana Housing Shortages at All Price Points In Montana’s popular cities, we hear a lot about two extremes: expensive, out-of-reach homes (all the way up to million-dollar mansions) or affordable housing. What’s missing? It’s those homes (and families) in the middle. That’s where the missing middle comes into play in Montana. […]

How is a Commercial Sale Different than a Home Sale?

Is a CRE Deal Really that Different? Working through the process of buying or selling commercial real estate can be daunting. I’m Claire Matten, advisor with Sterling Commercial Real Estate. I’m here with advisor Matt Mellott to provide a high level summary of a commercial real estate sale from end to end. Taking an asset […]

Extraordinary Flexibility for Opportunity Zone Investors

Guest Post by Ross Keogh, Parsons Behle & Latimer. This has been modified to reflect further extensions provided by Notice 2021-10, which was issued on January 19, 2021. All information in this COVID-19 Response Resource issue is effective as of January 25, 2021. With Notice 2020-39 in June of 2020 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  paused most […]

What Does Rent Pay For?

What does rent pay for? After things like taxes, insurance, and the mortgage, what kind of profit remains? Looking at some of Montana’s rental markets, you might think: landlords must be making hay. With vacancy dipping to an all-time low of .95% in Missoula, almost every apartment in town is full. That’s similar to the […]

Future Proofing: Montana Retail Trends

What’s Next for Montana Retail Trends in the Wake of COVID-19? By Connor McMahon And how can Montana retailers future-proof? Experts have been preaching doom and gloom for brick and motor retail for years. The “Amazon effect,” increased density in urban environments and zoning changes have all been significant challenges to the retail industry. But […]

How Did Western Montana Hospitality Do in 2020?

Hotels, motels, Holiday Inn…how did the Montana hospitality industry weather the storm in 2020? For commercial real estate, some assets came out of 2020 stronger than ever before. Booming e-commerce meant industrial buildings were a hot commodity as the distribution network expanded. Self storage and medical facilities were stable throughout the year. There was also […]

Missoula Apartment Market Outlook | Q4 2020

Missoula Apartment Market Update Missoula’s apartment vacancy rate has dropped to a low of .95% in a survey of multifamily housing. The survey was conducted by Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors (Sterling CRE).  The survey captured a snapshot of the market in December 2020. Looking at 2020 survey data, apartment vacancy sat at 3.63% in […]

Montana Hospitality Industry Makes Recovery

In Montana, hospitality and tourism generates nearly 60,000 jobs and injects $3.7 billion into the economy. But how did the Montana hospitality industry weather 2020? Major disruptions to leisure and business travel led to plummeting occupancy rates and decreased RevPAR (RevPAR is a common metric used to determine revenue per available room).  The Data  From […]

Adaptive Reuse, Infill and Absorption: CRE 101

Investing in real estate builds wealth. And while diving into the world of commercial real estate investments may seem unachievable, there are ways to start small and build a portfolio over time. To get there, we want to help you build a foundation of knowledge. Post your questions below or send us a message we […]

The Economic Impact of “Yellowstone”

As we wrap up the biggest CRE stories of 2020, we had to include a story that was impossible to miss: the hit TV show “Yellowstone” relocating to Montana. It was our most viral deal of the year – and for good reason.  For the first few seasons, filming for the hit TV show “Yellowstone” […]